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Changzhou HFC Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. was ectablished in 2004. There are more than 50 staffs, including 17 engineers and technical staffs. The factory is about 4,000 square meters. We focus on various types of energy storage for electricity, production, sales and customer service. Products cover machinery, metallurgy, textile, electronics, light industry and so on various areas. At present, our main customers include Sony Electronics(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd., Panasonic Energy(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd., Toshiba......

Based on the talent and technology

Create a make you satisfied products and services

HFC Products
  • Professional team
    We have trained several excellent technical staffs.
  • High Quality Equipments
    We are strict with the requirement of the equipments, as good equipments are the guarantee of the development of high-end products.
  • Development technologies
    Constantly developing new products is to improve our consistent idea, only innovation can win your trust.
  • Rich experience
    We provide services to several well-known brands at home and abroad. Our professional technologies and products have been accepted by many customers.
  • Serve attentively
    Customers are supreme. We provide high quality equipments to each customer. The one-stop services are offered to protect your products.

Continually set higher goals

The best cash today is tomorrow's minimum requirements

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